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Experience, Vision, & Personality

The images in this gallery are curated from over 1,000 weddings Robert Evans has documented during his 25+ years as a wedding photographer. These images give a glimpse into Robert’s wedding-day vision, illustrating how he captures the emotion and depth of a story, even within a single frame. The variety and creativity of Robert Evans's wedding photography have earned him a reputation as one of the world's best storytellers and wedding photographers.

"The photographer's eye is as unique as their fingerprint; no two photographers see the same. The same is true for personality. Your vision and how you see the world, combined you’re your personality, how you interact with others in your environment, is what makes you...

You-nique.” —Robert Evans

Bride & Groom Kiss as a bolt of lightning flashes in the sky.
Bride & Groom run down a sand dune
Red Dress Vouyer
Dune Swoon
Flower Girls Voyeurs
Preston Bailey's Wedding Pictures
Celebrate With Friends Close At Hand
A Brides View
Red White And Blue Kiss
Mad Grandma.
A Kiss on Elbow Beach, Bermuda.
Dads First Look
Fine Art Bride
A Kiss At The Getty
Bride Getting Ready Make-Up and Hair Sepia
Beer Drinking Donkey-Cabo
Bridesmaids First Look
Cry Like Everyone's Watching
My Butter Half