Backup Your Wedding Pictures

How to backup your wedding Pictures

Backup your wedding photographs and digital files on multiple hard drives.

As time marches on technology changes, especially in today’s world. Back when I shot film, most of my wedding couples didn’t want their wedding negatives. Today is a different story, everyone wants their digital files.

If you purchased the digital files from your wedding photographer, take proper precautions to ensure your wedding memories will not be permanently lost due to a faulty hard drive now or in the future. Because here’s the thing about hard drives: It’s not if but when your hard drive will fail.

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Once you receive a copy of your wedding pictures from your wedding photographer, it’s very important to store your images on multiple hard drives, in multiple locations, beyond the safe in your home.

A safe deposit box at a bank is a great location to keep an additional copy of your wedding files. Take care and store your digital wedding pictures with the same attitude you would have when storing your valuable jewelry and other treasured possessions.

As time moves on, don’t forget to keep up with technology, because someday you may not even be able to access today’s storage devices.

Author: RobertEvans101