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“My interest in photography started around age fourteen. At nineteen, I knew it was the career I wanted to pursue. By twenty-six it had become my passion and I realized it was my calling – what I was placed on this earth to do.”

Robert’s beliefs aren’t so much of “having a style” as they are “capturing a moment”. It is this philosophy that influences his work. His patient, disciplined approach results in photos of moments that touch people’s hearts.

“If I can do that…if I can really touch someone through my photographs, then I accomplished what I have always set out to do.  When I am on location, I shoot the images and moments I would be pleased with. I know that if I can please myself , my clients expectations will be exceeded. At the end of the day, I know I am being trusted to freeze time and moments that will forever bring back feelings people want to remember forever.”

“I often get asked what my favorite moment is at a wedding. I consider myself a pretty emotional person. I have two daughters of my own. My favorite moment in the day is the twenty minutes before the ceremony starts. The bridesmaids are pulled from the bride room and all that is left is the bride and most often her dad. The nervous laughs, the fidgeting fingers, the father looking at his daughter and questioning when his baby girl grew up and found someone to replace him. It is the moment just before they walk down the aisle and he leans in and tells her something and capturing the look in her eyes just before she takes the first step towards her future husband. It is that momentthe final few minutes shared as a single woman and all the emotions that spill out in anticipation. Being a part of these twenty minutes is an honor and something I never take for granted.”

In 2013 Robert was invited by Sony to become A “Sony Artisan of Imagery” one of only a handful of photographers who Sony recognizes as the best in their field. HERE.

Robert’s work has been showcased on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, MTV, CNN and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, amongst others. His photos have graced the covers and been featured in the content of publications including, USA Today, People magazine, Playboy magazine, Us Weekly magazine, HELLO! magazine, OK! magazine, Life&Style Weekly, In Touch magazine, martha stewart Living magazine and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine.

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